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For Cats Owners

The unique shape/color of a natural Stone Urn or a hand etched beauty of a solid Brass Urn is again a nice tribute to the life of your pet cat that has touched you so deeply. It is the ultimate closure for the one you loved and a little give back to the un conditional love your companion has given you.

Brass Urns

Solid Brass/metal urns are mostly from India which come in many
vibrant colors and in various shapes, all are engraved artistically by
hand to created 'this thing of beauty". An entire city in the northern
part of India are  full of such articians who constantly create these
urns and export them all over the globe. This industry has been around for many generations too.


Pet Cremation Urns

Paws Forever Inc. Limited 2017

For Dog Owners

Dogs are like family members and when they pass away, every one mourns the absence of a faithful companion. Part of the mourning process is selecting a cremation Urn for  your dog. A final resting place for the man's best friend! The ever lasting nature of a stone Urn or the classic look of a engraved solid Brass Urn is a good way to honor your pet.

Pet Urns

Stone Urns

โ€‹Stone is a natural product from earth which comes in many different colors and from many parts of the world. The raw material is turned by stone lathes into various shapes and  sizes and are then polished to perfection by articians who have been creating this beautiful and attractive product for many generations. These stone urns come with either a lid on top or with an opening at the bottom. The cremains are accommodated in these urns which range from 50 - 160 cubic inches in capacity.

Paws For Ever LLC. Is a division of Granitemate International LLC, incorporated 13 years ago serving the Funeral

Home Industry in North America. Our Goal: To make available an unique range of cremation urns in stone and in

Brass, all hand crafted by articians around the world, to cater to the need of Pet lovers. We understand the

emotional impact of a Pet Loss and with respect address it through our range of Pet Cremation Urns. 

Custom Made

 Urns for your pets custom made according to your specifications.

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